R & D Capabilities –

  • Innovative research and development is an integral aspect of the Groups operational focus. Nutritional Holdings and its operating divisions are committed to maintaining market positioning and market share through product excellence and innovation across every aspect of the brand portfolio. Research and development is a key driver of this. Furthermore, as a manufacturer of staple foods and pharmaceutical products, the Group focuses attention on the scientific enrichment of products with vitamins and minerals, so as to maintain a product offering with nutritional value benchmarked in line with the aspiration to provide consumers in all market segments with brand choices that support a healthy lifestyle.

The following highlight various aspects of the R&D initiatives within the group-

  • ·  New products are developed to ensure continuous growth and consumer satisfaction.
  • · Consumer market research identifies new product trends, which then assists business marketing plans and decision-making.
  • · Latest developments in nutritional science are monitored to launch products ideally suited to satisfy the needs associated with the modern-day, busy lifestyle.
  • ·  The Nutritional Foods manufacturing facilities have the highest accreditation being :

ISO 22 000 / HACCP and GMP compliant –

  • ·  Interacting with local and foreign experienced business partners to keep in touch with changes in the industry.
  • ·  A combination of internal as well as external laboratory and experimental facilities are utilized for continuous evaluation of existing products’ as well as research and development of new products.